Missing Japan…

I never knew I would have said this but, my wife and I miss Japan.

The people are very friendly, the food is delicious and the scenery is really breath taking.

We really felt that the time spent there was insufficient. Guess we didn’t really say it then, but we would definitely go back (perhaps another part of Japan this time round)

It may not be affordable (transport is really expensive) but it is definitely worth going at least once in your life.

Have you been to Japan?

What did you love about it?

What comes to mind when I say Japan?


I guess Japan was telling me, see you soon. 🙂

I’ll be back 🙂


Shooting Kentmere 400 @ 200.

A big shout out to Ray for blessing me with this roll of Kentmere 400 film during out first meet on Hari Raya Haji @ Marina South Pier.


I went back into Geylang with Frank to get some more captures and this time the sun was really out, unlike the morning shoot with Chester where the clouds were out to play and the sun was blocked with drizzling rain. This time round, I managed to capture 27 and 3 quarter images. Yes, 3 quarters…


Developed using Kodak HC-110 @ 6 mins @ 20 degrees, stopbath was water at 20 degrees, fixer was Ilford and Ilford wash as well. Finishing with 5 minutes of final rinse. Hung to dry for 1 hour.

Without any delay, here they are straight out of the hanger:



From across the street, I wanted to capture this man pushing the cart.


Frank brought me to this shop that sold impossible film. It is also a barber.


Unsure about the sale, I like this image with the two men looking both ways.


The chair called out to me despite the structure below it.


Pushing the 50mm F1.4, sharp bicycle (or whats left of it)


I was waiting for someone to walk past. Snapped.


This guy’s camera is really the state of the art.


What an interesting association don’t you think?


In the back alley, this place was very much in a mess.


This guy was keeping his equipment and the lady at the back looking on.


Uncle was waiting for the bus.


As always, we are all guilty of sticking our faces to our phones.


This guy crossed the road and I quickly took a shot.


Cool uncle at the  magazine stand. Another favourite from the lot.


Interesting place to be.


Interesting thing about this. What is dragon cash?


A modern harry potter bike?


Welcome 🙂


Frank with his Leotax.


I was excited to see this building, historical and beautiful. So excited that I chopped off the top. Silly…


Auntie was walking slowly.


I liked the buildings here. A back alley. Waited for someone to walk by.


Cable man making a call.


This chair was rather inviting. Outside a hair salon.


Many headless bodies around


A walking past gentleman who was delivered


And my final shot, the riding auntie.

Photos were taken using my Nikon F3 and 50mm F1.4 lens.

Hope you enjoyed them!

God bless!

Finally results!

I was blessed with 4 rolls of PolyPan F asa 50 from Ray recently and I screwed up the first roll. if you have not read about it, click here and you can have a quick read 🙂

The day I screwed up

So I had to try again because giving up now would be such a waste wouldn’t it? Thanks to Chester who walked with me through Geylang in the cloudy morning with mini bits of light drizzle along the way. We also managed to see rays of light which was a beautiful sight one won’t see on a daily basis.

25 exposures was a little more exciting to shoot with than 36. Sometimes, you can’t really shoot that much unless you shoot blindly. Anyone can waste 36 frames just like that. Not everyone can capture each shot with beautiful subjects or composition. I’d like to try my hand at that.

Once again, thank you Ray for the films and the opportunity to enjoy them.

I shot these images with a rollei35 made in Singapore. 40mm F3.5. I shot at F5.6, 1/60s.

Photos are unedited, straight from the hanger.

Here are some of the images:



Crossing the road, this motorcyclist turned left and right before he took a left turn.


An elderly sleeping on three chairs. A sad sight, but it is however, reality.


This moving dump truck worker actually smiled at me when I nodded at him. I actually enjoy capturing them.


Aiming at motionless resting people are good for practice for now.


Another favourite subject, the mobile focused person who was sitting at the back of a pick up. It’s a whole lot easier when you just lift up the rollei35, take a snap and move on. No one really notices you nor the shutter sound.


This was the driver of the pick up truck, also focused on his mobile device. If you took a closer look, you’d actually find me in the reflection 🙂


Walking past a playground, out came 4 young children on their bikes and push wheelers. Very cute kids who enjoy themselves in the open, unlike many kids these days who stay at home in front of their televisions or computers.


A young man walking through the back alley.


Only reason why I took this image was because of the EZZE bath & lights


Capturing a moving subject is not as easy as I thought.


A reflection and the beautiful rollei35 in my hands. Small right?


A passing cyclist with lots of plastic bags.


Some images stuck out beautifully. I’m not sure it’s because of the correct estimation but there is much to learn from using the rollei35. I should pop the last roll into the Nikon F3 and see how that works.

Good thing about the rollei35, it’s a small camera, many would not notice it. The F3 however, is a huge monster.

Should I? Lemme know your thoughts.

The day I screwed up.

Don’t we all have days like this? I say this to really comfort myself for the stupidity of my actions.

I was blessed 4 rolls of Pan 50 35mm film by Ray and I was excited to use it in my smallest setup, the Rollei35. After the meet up, I walked around Geylang with Shawn and TJH to finish one roll and was excited to get good results because my eye saw very nice compositions and being the 1st roll, I also wanted to see how it would turn out.

This is how it turned out…

No prizes for guessing it right.

I screwed up. Period.