My 1st finished 120 roll! My Thoughts.

Hey all, it’s been a while. I finally managed to get my Hasselblad 500cm cleaned by a good friend, David aka Fatigue. With the encouragement of She, Jon and Chester, I have finally got out there and finished 12 shots. (The 120 on the Hasselblad 500cm shoots 12 shots in a square format)


Some lessons I learnt when shooting:

  1. Always remove the metal slide before taking a shot (Strangely, my 500cm will still fire away even though the metal slide is still intact). I’ve asked for David to check it out to see what happened. If you do not, then it won’t expose to the film and you will basically get a blank shot. Sadly, I would have forgotten about this and I skipped about 3-4 shots.

PS: The hasselblad 500cm is not supposed to fire when the metal slide is in.

2. It is good to take notes of what you shoot, what settings you used and more if you can. It helps with your future shots especially when you are starting out like me. Data helps until you are a seasoned film photographer then it would be natural.

3. Sometimes, the interesting stuff are just all around you. I wanted to go to specific places to shoot so that I won’t waste my shots. What I didn’t realise was that, there were so many interesting things to shoot just nearby my place. You don’t need to go far and out just to get photos. It kinda makes you want to stay in bed and not get out.

I’ll be heading off to Triple D later (they are closed on Sundays sadly) to get my first roll processed! Super excited to see that the Ilford HP5 plus 400asa can produce and also to see how beautiful the 500cm is.

I’ll update you soon with the pictures.

God bless and have a lovely weekend!

*Look out for my Olympus OM-1 photoshoot!*

Under the bridge @ Tanjung Rhu with Zul & Vince

Under the bridge Tanjung Rhu
ISO 200, F8, 8 seconds

I was determined to capture more images of the beautiful Singapore, but posting pictures of just Lower Selatar was definitely insufficient and I had to move out of my comfort zone. Thanks to Vince and Zul, I did. Singapore may not really have a lot of nature, no mountains or fountain streams like many other countries do, but it still has its own beauty and I cannot ask for more.

Truth be told, I am not really the sunrise kinda guy. Watching it rise is beautiful without a doubt, but what draws me to keep getting out there with a pokemon’s motto “Gotta catch them all” are the lovely skies and the clouds. They change constantly and are a feast to the yearning eyes that desire magnificence. The beauty of God’s creation is breath taking and as Thomas Heaton would say “Absolutely stunning”!

The hunger for capturing more lives on and I will continue to feast your eyes with God’s beauty. Do look forward to them!

Taken with Fujifilm XT-1 and Samyang 12mm with the haida 3 stop filter, edited using Lightroom CC.

If you have any other beautiful locations in Singapore which you like me to capture, feel free to drop me a comment!

God bless!

Ezekiel Kok

His shoes

his shoes

Time spent with your family is very important. It doesn’t matter how you spent your childhood, be it alone or with family, never let the next generation grow up feeling lonely or secluded.

On this wonderful Vesak day, I am glad I spent time with my wife and son just taking a short walk downstairs. It is really special to see your own flesh and blood growing up in front of your very own eyes. Trust me when I say it because it will not happen again.

Unless, you have another kid coming along the way 🙂

Taken with Fujifilm XE-1, 18mm fujinon lens.

A new spot for the rising sun

A new point seletar sunrise

There is beauty that God has given us. We just need to get out there and find it! Praise God for such a lovely view, an absolutely stunning image don’t you think?

Taken with my lovely Fujifilm XT-1 and the all so lovely Samyang 12mm. I also used a Haida 3 stopper.

Indeed, I am satisfied! A great reason to live life to the fullest when God provides for us! Let us not waste life but use it to the greatest potential God has blessed us with! Seek Him if you feel empty inside! You will not go wrong!

Blessed Sunday!

Ezekiel Kok

One blooming tree

picnic in Shinjuku Gyoen Park

As you lay your curious eyes upon the picture above, apart from your eyes being drawn to the three individuals in the picture, I believe you would also look for the blooming tree. This picture somehow calls out to me because of the lone tree that has blooming cherry blossoms standing out from the rest that are very much bare.

Such beauty in my own opinion.

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Taken with Fujifilm XT-1, Samyang 12mm lens.

God bless,

Ezekiel Kok