My thoughts on home negative development and the outcome

I was excited to get my rusty hands back to film photography. Found my old stash of expired film and even took out the old film cameras that was left on the shelf for a walk and some exposure. Turned out that I had left a roll of film, the Ilford Pan 400 in my Rollei35 that Zhi Yao had sold me many years ago.

Where else to go but the lovely Lower Selatar Reservoir

As I watched the sun rise, I knew that basking the rollei wasn’t gonna be a great idea, so I waited till the sun was up and about before I went for a mini walk about. It’s a beautiful day and I managed to finish up the roll of 36, not knowing what else I had taken before when I left it on the shelf.

I managed to try my hands on home negative development and boy oh boy, it wasn’t easy because it takes precise time and effort to get it done right. Of course, there is always room for improvement because I’m still green to this.

Kodak HC110 (1+31), water as stop bath, Ilford fixer 1+4, no wetting agent and then 10mins of rinsing as advised by the massive dev chart app.

Here is a photo that came out after the whole fun agitate and pour and refill episode in the bathroom.


As you can see, there are so many spots in the negative and there are also scratches. I’m guessing it’s because of my ill handling during the development. This tells me that there is much to learn and improve. I however, do love the lone fisherman and the edge of the bridge if I may call it that, alongside the reflection of the waters dancing under the morning sun. It’s also the composition that I really like. I won’t get old taking this picture over and over again because every image becomes a whole new experience.

pic 29 spot removal

Here’s the same picture after using spot removal in photoshop CC with no other edits.

pic 29 post LR

I’m not exactly the best post editor in the world, but I guess I’ll suffice for this, for now.

Let me know your thoughts on how I can improve myself.

I’d love to hear from all of you wonderful readers.

Thank you!

Ezekiel Kok


Author: Ezekiel Kok

Young man who shares not only what flows through his mind but also his heart. Enjoy the beauty that surrounds me as my eyes feast and my camera captures for all to enjoy and admire.

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