Photography unites the world: Travellers from Bangladesh

I was just collecting my film yesterday when 2 guys came to me for directions to Marina Bay Sands (MBS). I ended up bringing them from Triple D to MBS. They introduced themselves as Hassan and Nayem, both from Bangladesh who came to Singapore to visit before heading to KL and to Thailand. Both were very thankful that led them there. Sadly, I had to leave them there to go have my dinner.

Photography does unite the world because everyone is happy and everyone is enjoying themselves. I won’t mind showing friends around Singapore even though I’m not familiar with all of its attractions.

Here are some pictures I took with my Fujifilm XT-1 and 12mm Samyang lens. Photos have been edited in Lightroom.

esplanade edgeesplanadehassan esphassan merlion 2hassan merlionmbs hassanmbsmbssnayem espnayemwalkway


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