Olympus OM1 & Ilford Delta 100 135 film: My thoughts.

Blessed by the Olympus OM1 with a 50mm 1.8 zuiko lens, I threw in a test film, the Ilford Delta 100 135 film and I’m glad to have the scans back from Mike (owner of Triple D, Singapore) His shop is at Burlington Square, just opposite Sim Lim Square, nearest MRT is Rochor MRT station. Do drop by his shop for films (both 135 and 120 formats).

Edited in LR
clouds mbs gbtb
Edited in LR
Edited in LR
No edits done
No edits done
Edited in LR
Edited in LR

Overall, I’m quite happy with the results. Out of 36 images, only 30 came out and out of 30 images, I have selected 7 of them to be featured here. Pictures were taken around Gardens by the bay and Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

The Olympus OM1 is a beautiful, lightweight camera that can be easily brought around easily. It has a solid build and feels like a tank. It operates mechanically and is not very expensive to find. I got mine from Ebay.

The Ilford Delta 100 is quite a nice film that has grain which is very much noticeable but it does add a certain mood to the final image. Apart from those of which I have indicated edited in LR, the rest are straight out of the negative, with no edits at all.

I hope you enjoyed the images posted. Let me know which other kinds of films you would like me to test out if any.

Special thanks to Chester Chen for joining me in this adventure 🙂

Have a lovely day ahead!

God bless!


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