Meiji Shrine and 500 likes!

Believe it or not, I did not know that I had stumbled upon Meiji Shrine. In fact, my wife and I were looking for Yoyogi Park as they are very close to each other. We were walking and we found this.

I happened to see two kids sitting at the steps and I felt that they were great subjects because if you noticed, one of them has goggles on. Perhaps he was shy to have his photo taken, if not it might be that his super hero wears goggles.

The reason to why we didn’t go further in was because it was on going renovation and we were not really interested in visiting the shrines (no offence to anyone). Japan is still a beautiful place to visit, filled with so many beautiful shrines, super duper friendly people and the food is really mouth watering. As I am typing this, I really do miss Japan.

Meiji Shrine

Taken with my Fujifilm XT-1 and Samyang 12mm lens.

With that, I would like to thank everyone who has visited my blog and has liked my photos. I feel so blessed to have 500 likes! It may not be a huge thing to many, but it is very huge to me. Thank you for your support and for liking my photos! This encourages me to keep posting more content for you to view and enjoy. I cannot thank you enough. Do continue to support me by dropping by and also sharing this blog with your friends and family. I would totally appreciate it a whole lot!

God bless!

Ezekiel Kok


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