Visiting the Singapore Zoo.

What better a day and time than to drop by the local Zoo? It happened to be the first time for my wife and my son to visit and the last time I recalled coming to the zoo was when I was in primary school. Guess being an adult costs a lot haha! Thanks to my brother and sister in law for blessing us with tickets! You guys rock!

I took my 55-250 lens for a walk today and didn’t use much of the 12mm as I remembered most animals would be hiding somewhere far away, very few would come up to you and boy was I so right! It rained twice today and thank God for the shelter we had. Crowded with lots of people, it was really a fun filled busy and packed 3rd day of Chinese new year at the Zoo! Tired but fun, I managed to snap a few photos.

Enjoy the photos!

Taken with Fuji XT-1, edited in Lightroom.



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