Chasing Light streaks


I was excited to try out a small new accessory and so I took off and went to Somerset, Orchard Gateway to take some shots. Everyone is kinda crazy about the 10 stop filter. I was hooked as well because of the effects it gave me. I just had to give it a try. After waiting for a few days (which felt like weeks – is it me or does anyone else have this kind of feeling as well?) I received it through courier. I would want to thank my dear wife for helping me collect it and for supporting me in my passion for photography.

Here is the only shot I took with this 10 stopper which was very very affordable.

Tip: Please do not attach the 10 stopper to your camera when there is little or no light. Yes, I was silly to do it but, the results were great according to my feeling. 10 stoppers are used more for moving clouds and rushing waters in the bright day light, not the wee hours of the dark night. Unless you have patience and don’t mind waiting for the shot and for your camera to process it. I really had to wait at least about 10 minutes before my camera would “talk” to me again. I almost wanted to switch it off, thinking that it might have hung. Thank God it was okay.

Only the first shot was taken with the 10 stopper. Others were more of street shots.

Taken with the Fujifilm XT 1, 18mm lens, JPEG only.

ISO 100, F16, 1300 seconds
Naiise ? ISO 1600, F22.8, 1/110s
Blue hour? ISO 100, f16, 13s
Light streaking at the traffic light. ISO 100, f16, 20s
ISO 100, F11, 4.3s

I still have a soft spot for black and white. So this is a shot just for that. Ghastly but still an image worth capturing. Let’s stay forever 21 🙂

God bless,




Author: Ezekiel Kok

Young man who shares not only what flows through his mind but also his heart. Enjoy the beauty that surrounds me as my eyes feast and my camera captures for all to enjoy and admire.

2 thoughts on “Chasing Light streaks”

  1. Every time I think you have reached the top level of talent, you humbly show me that there is yet another level up.
    You embrace each new challenge with such resolve. You seem to have an unlimited ability to capture new and exciting things, and the composition is always amazing.
    I love the black and white, the ghosting from the pedestrian walking through the shot actually makes this shot even better.
    I am in love with the light streaking pictures. First of all, the light streaks are wonderful, and then you add in the playful and uplifting colours, they pop! Setting the mood with the blue hour , and you have such an amazing set of pictures.
    Thank you brother for always inspiring me and making me want to push myself further.

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  2. Dear Michael, there is always room for improvement in my personal point of view. I believe that God gave me beautiful scenes so that I can capture them and show the world how wonderful He is. I will slowly improve and believe that one day I will be that person who helped spread the word of God through my pictures. Streaks are beautiful as it’s never the same each time you capture one image. Playing with shutter speed also is a huge factor of how the ghostly image popped out. I am blessed that you are enjoying my work. Thank you!


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