Cloud chasing in Chinatown, Singapore.

I have never tried to catch the sunrise in Chinatown before. Although I wanted to go to another location, my friend Zul wanted to snap shots of this a building there. The sunrise was due at 0657am and I was there by 0640am. Rom was there with me and Frankie joined us later.

The view was beautiful in a different way. Clouds were moving fast and before we knew it, the dark clouds started to come by. Winds picked up and we had to pack up and make a run for it to the nearest shelter.

Now that I know this location, I will return another day for another rising of the sun, or should I say, cloud chasing.

In all honesty, I enjoy the clouds that form around the sun much more that watching the sun rise itself. Shapes and sizes of all forms, dancing around in the sky, is just a beauty of its own for me to see and for you all, my dear viewers to enjoy.

Burning cloud
Spectacular view
Cloudy galore
Sweeping clouds

All photos were shot using the Samyang 12mm F2 lens. I do not have the details of the setup but I also used a tripod and a remote to capture them. ISO 100 for all and various shutter speeds. I was between F11 and F22.

As for the last picture, I used a nd1000 filter and took it at about 2 minutes.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

God bless,



Author: Ezekiel Kok

Young man who shares not only what flows through his mind but also his heart. Enjoy the beauty that surrounds me as my eyes feast and my camera captures for all to enjoy and admire.

2 thoughts on “Cloud chasing in Chinatown, Singapore.”

  1. I am in love with the burning cloud. It looks straight out of a science fiction movie. You were very blessed to have such a cloudy day. I know your love for clouds, and it seems someone was watching out for you!
    The very last picture is my favorite though. It is soft and beautiful. It is calming and strong. You really can tell, you took your time. It is set up beautifully and the clouds are the star of the picture.
    Thank you for sharing these shots and for once again inspiring me with your talents.

    Liked by 1 person

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