Gotta catch em all!

Now now, before you start screaming you head off, thinking that I’m one of them, do take some time to think about what I am about to share. Yes, Pokemon Go was just released in Singapore and there are more than 1 million downloads since it’s release. I have to admit, having caught a few pokemon along side Pikachu who was my first, made me quite a happy chap. I felt myself wanting to catch more and I once again admit that I got a little too carried away during the first few days. I soon realised that I was hooked and thanks to my wife who helped me open my eyes to see what’s more important in life.

No doubt, I have walked a little more than usual as one would need to go and search for pokemon, I instead choose to go and chase sunrises and clouds. Do take time to scroll down and admire these beautiful images taken with my Fuji XT1 & 18mm lens.

Light and colors before my eyes are really a breath taking combination. Thanks to Zul who asked me out for the rise and for lending me that cable so that I could take these images even though I had my tripod. (I am looking for a lighter one, so if you have any recommendations, feel free to drop me a comment).

I tried to do a timelapse but it didn’t seem to work out when I threw it into imovie. I will try harder the next time to get a nicer timelapse.

Esplanade by the river
Purple is beautiful, isn’t it?
What if the Merlion was a pokemon?
Zul, my good friend who asked me out this morning to catch the sunrise
Zul’s Hasselblad 500cm. A stunning camera!
God shining down on me!

I have a passion for beautiful clouds. In fact, Michael Klunker, another good friend of mine has been shooting beautiful clouds for us all to enjoy. Do take some time to check him out in facebook. Don’t forget to say hi and check out Zul’s pictures too! I have been disturbing him to start a blog, his response? I’m too lazy… Zul travels quite a fair bit and has so many camera systems it can keep you drooling away!

Till next time,

Glory to God!

Ezekiel kok


Author: Ezekiel Kok

Young man who shares not only what flows through his mind but also his heart. Enjoy the beauty that surrounds me as my eyes feast and my camera captures for all to enjoy and admire.

4 thoughts on “Gotta catch em all!”

  1. My dear friend, you continue to outdo yourself. You inspire me with photography, like nobody has ever done. I literally check back here often, just to see what beautiful inspiration you have posted.
    These new works of art are almost beyond words. They capture some of the beauty of Singapore. How you don’t work for a travel site, I don’t know. I sat and stared at the first photo in awe. I love how the bridge leads in from the far left corner, and draws your eye into the picture. I love the crisp lines and silky water. The skyline is simply beautiful, and the parade of colors in this shot feed the eyes!
    The second shot, like the first, is stunning. I love how most of the colors are standard, (although vivid) and the purple lights pop out, making this shot unique and calming.
    The remaining shots are a great example of life. You capture the essence of what someone would see walking along the water way.
    As you know, I love shooting into the sun. It produces so many unique pictures. I love that you do the same.
    Thank you for always inspiring me and helping me feed my developing passion.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dear Micheal, words can’t describe how much i appreciate your kind words of encouragement and support you have given ever since i shared photos with you. With that, i will continue to update this blog with more photos and try to improve myself with new techniques and equipment (hoping not to bust my wallet). From the bottom of my heart, i really thank you brother for being here. Just like you, i love the first picture as well. My favourite picture of the lot. Unfortunately, due to work and bringing up my son, i cannot post as regularly as i want to. I will however try to keep saturdays a regular thing. Do continue to drop by and i hope you enjoy my pics in time to come. God bless!


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