Dating my wife @ Jamie’s Italian Kitchen

Last Saturday, I took my wife to an Italian restaurant, Jamie’s Italian Kitchen in Vivocity. Jamie Oliver was one of my favorite chefs as he was a great inspiration to go into the kitchen and cook up a storm. Thing I loved about him is that he made it simple, not complicated. The only thing he did which I didn’t really like was the use of his olive oil for almost everything. When he said dash or drizzle, it was really a lot to me. Perhaps thats how italians roll, no offense to anyone. When i was in Rome, I really enjoyed their food as it was a whole lot different comparing Singapore’s street food and hawker foods. After all, what is life without a lovely range of nice tasting foods? Right?

So I usually ask the kind servers which ever restaurant what they would recommend and they recommended us the Wild mushrooms with smoked mozzarella risotto and the Famous Prawn Linguine and to top it off with a nice pan of baked mushrooms to start the belly dancing.

Baked mushrooms, sweet bread and buffalo cheese.

This beauty came in a nice dish and presentation was quite nice. The mushrooms were delicious and with the topping, it made the dish a very nice snack to really get our bellies dancing.

The mains came not soon after and when I had my first bite, I was brought back to Rome.

Wild mushroom and smoked mozzarella risotto

The Risotto was nice to taste and it had an interesting texture to it. We enjoyed it.

Disclaimer: This is the first time eating risotto so I don’t know what I was to expect.

I had a word with the kind waiter and he shared with me that the food was prepared slightly undercooked aka al dente meaning it to be firm to but and not soft at first bite.

Famous Prawn Linguine

My wife felt the prawn linguine was so so, having tasted many other kinds before. It wasn’t something to jump to joy about. I enjoyed the rocket though because it had a spring taste in my mouth.

Thinking to myself this could be done from our very own kitchen.

We decided to try their snack, going with the Funky chips.

Funky Chips with fresh garlic and parsley

Chips were quite nice and fluffy.

Overall, a nice place to have a nice meal with your loved ones. The servers were kind and were attentive, patient and willing to share and explain with me about what they have. Thumbs up to the kind, excellent staff who were professional and even though they were from Philippines, they spoke in fluent english not only towards the customers but also towards each other in the Vivocity branch.

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Author: Ezekiel Kok

Young man who shares not only what flows through his mind but also his heart. Enjoy the beauty that surrounds me as my eyes feast and my camera captures for all to enjoy and admire.

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