Interesting QB hairstylist in causeway point

It was pretty much time to have my hair cut and since I had some time, I decided to visit QB at causeway point. The saloon was empty and I was warmly greeted by 3 hairstylists. QB came to Singapore quite a few years back claiming to cut one’s hair in 10 minutes for $10. Quite promising until I actually timed them myself. Usually it exceeded 10mins and the result was not to my liking. That was why I stopped going. In fact, I found another hairstylist near my area who’d cut it better for $5. Do i really need an expensive hair stylist? Not for me because I have short hair. Perhaps if my hair was longer, I would consider that as an option, but with short hair, you don’t really need to think much. This time, the price increased to $12! I was shocked but didn’t wanna go anywhere else. So my 12 buckaroos went into the machine and out came the card.

I was then ushered to a white chair and a guy named Euguene smiled and asked me how I wanted my hair done. High slope was his suggestion. I guess they see my hair and suggest from there. I shared with him how I wanted it done and he listened attentatively as he started to grab a new comb and the scissors.

Let’s pause here for a while to talk about the usual flow. They cover me with a white sheet to prevent hair from falling onto my clothes. From there they would wet my hair and start with shaving my sides.

Euguene was so excited I guess, he had a gentle reminder from his college to ‘drape’ me first. He then started cutting my hair dry. I was a little taken aback as this was not the usual practice but I froze to see what he would do. (Yes, the power of observation at work!) He then tried to make small talk so that it would be a little less awkward. He asked if I was a singaporean. I replied yes, do I look like a foreigner? He smiled and kept quiet from then on.

Do i look Foreign? 

Do I look fierce?

I thought I’m a friendly guy. Hmm…

And so the he continues to cut my hair slowly. I noticed one thing that makes him stand out from the rest of my previous QB hairstylists, he is quite detailed about the way he cuts and he is very focused. He does not turn to chat with his colleges which some used to do. Apart from the normal greetings he gives when a new customer enters, his focus is back on my crown. Outstanding! He did what I asked and I was happy the way he performed his art.

That was not all, usually hairstylists will use the vacuum to suck away small hair that has fallen, quick swipes and done. Euguene once more stood out as was very detailed, ensuring that there was almost no small hair on my face. He paid extra attention to ensuring I was clean before he allowed me to stand up. That in my opinion deserves a compliment don’t you agree?

As I left, I had to look a bit to find out his name and then I thanked him for his service. He in my opinion is a good hairstylist. I hope all the others will be like him. For that kinda service, I am prepared to lose another 12 buckaroos in the nearby future.


Author: Ezekiel Kok

Young man who shares not only what flows through his mind but also his heart. Enjoy the beauty that surrounds me as my eyes feast and my camera captures for all to enjoy and admire.

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