Exploring Singapore’s Haji Lane with Romuald & George

Organizing a photowalk was not easy for me. Even though it was just calling some friends to come together to walk around took more than just simple planning. Three was a nice number as we were 3 individuals from different walks of life and each brought different flavors to the table. Our first photowalk venue was Haji Lane, Singapore. This place has been well known for its art and fashion where young designers and artists come together to sell their products and more. Graffiti was allowed I guess because all over were beautiful art works. I felt very much at home despite the haze and the heat. Out of the 153 images that I took, I selected these few for all to enjoy.

God bless!8162

8151 8169 8181 8215 8219 8226 8227 8229 8234 8242 8263 8281

Looking forward to our next photowalk in the weeks to come. Any suggestions? I’d love to hear from you and feel free to join us!


Author: Ezekiel Kok

Young man who shares not only what flows through his mind but also his heart. Enjoy the beauty that surrounds me as my eyes feast and my camera captures for all to enjoy and admire.

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