Night walk with Kenni, an Olympus photographer

Indeed I have been away for quite a while and have left the beautiful Fuji XT-1 in my dry cabinet. Watching fellow friends posting their photo walks and such on facebook kinda rekindled my wanting to shoot more. Kenni, my friend so happened to be interested in the Fuji system as well. So it was a great chance to bring my camera out and show him how cool the camera was. I was about to ‘poison’ my buddy here with my sexy black machine.

First we dropped by Funan where we went to TK photo to show him the cameras and my friend Jere was there to show him the goods. Soon after we left and started our walk. I wanted to show him that Fuji was not just a brand, but it is THE brand to have. When he held it, he was blown away. it was lightweight and he liked it that the dials and such were all on board and he need not move away from the camera just to get the settings he wanted. He kept telling me that he was impressed and I can only say that it would be a matter of time before my friend joins me and so many others in Fuji, where we shoot photos not only for fun, but also for our passion!

You don’t need a huge camera or buy the major brands to produce spectacular images. It is the photographer who produces great images with the camera that he/ she holds. Heck, even a great photographer can use his camera phone and still give you wonderful images. So, I definitely want to prove to others who think that Fuji is not professional enough that it CAN and it DOES produce superb quality images and can compete with the ‘giants’ in the current market. Here are some of my images from the walk.


Beautiful symmetry
Beautiful symmetry
Men at work
Men at work
Visiting the john
Visiting the john
D-day is coming

Author: Ezekiel Kok

Young man who shares not only what flows through his mind but also his heart. Enjoy the beauty that surrounds me as my eyes feast and my camera captures for all to enjoy and admire.

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