Why i love my Fuji system!

To be honest, I never took a second look at Fuji’s cameras initally as they were not the mainstream camera brands in the old days and when someone mentioned Fuji, the first thing that would come to mind was the instax camera. Cute and fun to have, but not worth it as the films were rather expensive in my opinion.

I was very faithful to Canon as it stuck with me throughout my photography days and never failed me especially when it came to shooting full frame and RAW. The only downside I felt with canon was the weight of its system and it’s lenses. I felt very drained and tired after a few hours of carrying it around. Another reason to why I left my camera at home most of the time. Remember I mentioned in my pervious blog post that I left my canon in my bag and used the smaller, lighter Panasonic GH1 instead? Precisely!

Not until the Fuji’s X cameras came into the market.

It took a lot of thinking and of course, the blessing of my wife who bought me the Fuji XE1 with a 35mm that I finally made the switch. The jump ship move wasn’t a wrong move and till date I love my Fuji system for a few reasons…

1) Lightweight

Yes, very light body with lightweight lenses to go along with it. Who is complaining of neck strain or a tired body? Not me! I bring out the Fuji more often now and it’s really a joy to carry it around. It weighs only 435g compared to my old Canon which weighed 810g, almost double the weight of the latter and that is just the body alone. it makes a huge difference lugging your camera around all day

2) Small and compact

Not kidding, it’s not the smallest camera to begin with but comparing many other systems, I’d  proudly say it’s small enough to fit into my bag and still have space to put in some other daily essentials. Perhaps I should  blog about what’s in my camera bag next time eh? Let me know if you want that.

3) Love the colors!

Ok, you have to admit, the colors are stunning! I do very little to no post editing after I changed to Fuji and I love them colors to the core! Did you know that Fuji film made a few kinds of films? Now they incorporate all their various film types into their cameras! Double the fun, all in 1 camera! On top of that, you don’t need to buy film!

4) Wifi capabilities (only for XT1, not the XE1)

When I used my Canon or Nikon or even the Panasonic, I had to wait till I reached home to transfer my beautiful images into my computer before I could share them with my friends and family. Now with the Fujifilm XT1, I can use it’s wifi capabilities to transfer images into my phone and share it almost immediately! How cool is that? You are right to say that most camera companies already have this function. It helps a lot as the older models of camera systems I have do not support this capability.

5) Retro look

Fuji went ahead with the retro look aka classic look so that us young photographers could hold a classical camera just like the film days and still have the latest technology to capture beauty. This helps the street photographer as many people out there are very afraid of the big framed DSLR. People knew that you were shooting them and would turn away or even worse, start lashing out at you. The retro look brings things down to a personal level and street shooting because a whole lot easier, especially with the next reason.

6) Quiet shutter

Fuji created the quiet shutter function. So much so that sometimes, I had to check if I had really taken a shot. I dare say, no sound at all! Impressive! No clunk! or ka cha! or any other sounds that would catch the attention of my subjects. It really helps a lot for me. Please note that the XE1 still has some shutter sound. The XT1 however has a super duper quiet shutter.

7) ISO bump!

I used to worry about cranking up my ISO because, i’d have a very grainy image. I used to think that grainy images were bad, but with Fuji, I can be free to crank it up to 6400 and it would still be acceptable. Many of us love the low ISOs because it gives us a smoother image and I had my fears, fear of not experimenting. Fear of not trying new settings. But with Fuji, I have started to try slowly, and with that, I am enjoying the Fuji System so much.

Don’t take my word for it, go and try it out for yourself! I’m just telling you the truth (laughs).

Here are some of my favorite images enjoy them!

Church in Rome
Roman Church: Fuji XT1 with Samyang 8mm
Time with God
Time with God Fuji XE-1 Fuji 18mm
Couple Pre- Wedding shoot
Couple Pre- Wedding shoot- Fuji XE-1 with 35mm
Morning beauty
Morning beauty: Fuji XE-1 with Samyang 8mm.

Author: Ezekiel Kok

Young man who shares not only what flows through his mind but also his heart. Enjoy the beauty that surrounds me as my eyes feast and my camera captures for all to enjoy and admire.

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