Hello World, Let the image speak for itself!

Good evening,

I decided to start this site because I feel that my images should not go unnoticed. I am not a professional photographer and I feel that I always need to improve myself, therefore I am not proud but I am quite happy with the photos that I take. Who am I?

I am a budding photographer who spent almost all my savings on buying camera equipment which I didn’t really need. I was the guy who started into photography all because of a Holga N camera. Yes, Lomography was the first thing that got my into photography.

I love to capture images of portraits, I love clouds and I love standing out in the crowd with my photos. They speak up for me and yes, it is definitely a great feeling when people tell me that my image is nice or good, so do keep the comments coming in.

Thanks to my ever supporting and beautiful wife, I am currently using a Fujifilm Xt-1 mirrorless camera.

I hope you will get to know me better as time goes by and as I mentioned earlier, please let my photos speak it’s 1000 words.

Sunset at Marina Bay Sands

This photo was taken using the Fujifilm XT-1 and a 18mm Fujifilm lens.


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