Darkroom print exchange

In efforts to encourage myself to print more in the darkroom, I’ve participated an upcoming exchange meet up. Rules are simple:

1) print 5×7 or 8×10

2) print 6 prints

3) open theme

4) Rc or fb paper

This would be my first time joining and I’m excited to see what I will be receiving from the other 5 individuals.

I feel it’s an indirect way of improving oneself to become a better all rounded analog/film photographer. It forces me to choose my shot wisely and print with pride so that someone else can appreciate my work.

Does anyone else participate in such events? I’d love to hear from all of you!

God bless!



Darkroom printing

As many would have known by now, I have dived into the deep end of a beautiful journey of film photography. Having capturing images from all walks to life and onto negatives processed, now I move into the final stage of this process: dark room printing.

Seems like a simple process but it takes a lot of effort and practice to come up with a well exposed and well toned final image. You have to think hard and decide which one would be worthy of printing. Of course, when you have to select, it becomes harder because having shot 12 to 36 exposures, you have to choose just 1 to 3 images to print.

Steps aren’t very hard to be honest but will need loads of practice to hone the skill. I am still in the learning phase so kindly be patient with me.

The below image was taken during a photo walk with friends from the Let’s shoot film sg Facebook group. Many a times, it does boil down to timing. It just happened that this gentleman turned to see what I was doing. Click. With film, you never know the result of that shot until you develop the negative.

The above image was taken at near OG Albert. I wanted to capture the guy with the GO signage, but I guess his superior stepped in to stop me. I had already snapped and apologized as I walked away.

There is so much more to learn in this final leg of the journey. Why do I print? Simple, it’s nice to hold a hard copy now a days as many are left in the digital world. Very few print. I guess I like it in my hands and not my phone.

Happy 53rd National Day Singapore!

I am thankful and grateful for the peace we enjoy here. Today was a great day of rest and spending time with my family. Also spent some time hunting for our new pets!

Happy 53rd National Day Singapore!

May God bless the years to come with happiness, progress and prosperity to all of us!


Beautiful Sunday

It was an honor to meet a professional film photographer who was passionate about film and listening to him share about his story and the way things were during at pinnacle of his time was indeed precious to me. Thank you Paul for your time spent with me. I hope to learn more from you in the days to come.

Met up with Kim and the rest of the pano outing friends at esplanade and sat down for a quick drink and chat.

A short walk about with Kim was fun.

Here are some photos taken with my phone (Samsung note 8)

Hope you enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Off the grid…

Yes, It has been a while…

I have been off the grid for a while, not really posting or taking the time off to get some photos done. I was a little affected by the closure of the Mount Faber Safra Photography club, therefore, putting a sudden halt on my analog photography printing. I honestly miss it. Getting lost in time when in the darkroom. The beauty of seeing your captured image, appearing right before your eyes, just like home developing the negatives that you took with your trusted film camera (be it 35mm or 120 format) I miss it all.

There have been a few readjustments in my life and priority has been shifted towards spending more time with my family more (my wife and son of course) On top of that, I need to work on alternate Saturdays now, so my Saturday mornings are half cut off.

I also posted on Instagram recently that I ran out of Ilford Fixer solution, so my 120 film has to wait. I have yet to send off my Provia 120 as well. Gosh, I’m so procrastinating myself. There are so many films in my fridge (that was mistaken for chocolate) that are screaming my name to be used and I keep telling them to wait first.

My good friend was kind enough to allow me to join him in shooting a wedding recently. I had a lot of fun and some experience in capturing moments as important as this and having used my Fuji XT-1, I managed to snap more that 1000 shots!

Since then, I had caught the flu bug. Temperatures rising up to 39.9 degrees Celsius and I had body aches, I had to lay in bed for 2 days with no appetite and feeling fuzzy. I had lost 4kg just like that, alongside lots of coughing and phlegm, runny nose added to the symptoms just as worse as a leaking tap, I was running alright…

I have recovered from the fever, runny nose thanks to my Abba Father who healed me and my dear wife who took great care of me during this time. I still have a bit of cough (yes, it’s irritating) but having it has led me to a new liking, (drinking tea) funny how it all began as I thought coffee wasn’t really that good for me, and with that bad cough of mine, a hot drink definitely made it better.

So now, I have a cuppa with my wife in the evening/ towards the night, just to keep my throat warm and I drink a lot less of cold drinks now. Did I also mention that I am taking tea with soy milk? Not a favorite for a lot of people but yeah, it’s nice!

Back to my film, I have a roll of TMAX 400 I shot my family with, I am so looking forward to developing it. So look forward to it yeah? I also owe my friend his photos of which I shall give him by this weekend. Otherwise, I am looking forward to a few things that will be upcoming.

  1. I am finally gonna meet someone for the first time (it’s a guy who shoots lovely landscape photos) That should be in early August. Of which I will be learning from him the tips on how to take lovely landscapes like him
  2. I’m gonna develop my TMAX 400 roll (late july 2018)
  3. I’m gonna visit the zoo with my wife, son aunt and mother in law (long overdue family outing)
  4. I will be reviving an old item (So looking forward to that)
  5. More Singapore landscape photos (film and digital) to come (definitely need to visit  more SG places)
  6. Perhaps more wedding shoots? (WINK)
  7. I would like to try videoing the shoots I go out for… (a project long overdue)


How is everyone? Do drop a note and lemme know how you all are doing! I’d love to hear from you!

Take care,

God bless!


Exploring Kranji Beach

I was once again blown away by Jon Chiang’s cityscape photos when he recently posted on fb. That lit the flame in my fujifilm XT1 and the not so often used 12mm Samyang lens. So i asked where he was heading today. Kranji Beach he said. Can i join you? Sure he said. Let’s meet 0630hrs there.

Long ago, i joined him and a few landscape hunters from SG and i totally forgot how far they would have gone to get a shot. In this case, it was close to half a leg deep.

Guess what i wore? Jordans. Yes you read me right people. Jordans to the muddy waters it was. Go hard or go home i told myself. Where Jon was far out getting all the good shots, here i was slowly taking foot by foot further out.

Yes, i managed to get a few shots. I guess shooting from the same point would not really be useful right? Afterall, we all want our own shots to be special. So here are mine.

Fujifilm xt1, 12mm samyang lens

Cute branch for my foreground. I also had my Haida 3 stop filter.

Silhouette is also beautiful don’t you agree?

Even my hasselblad 500cm needed some exercise.

This was taken using my hp. Edited with instgram.

So these are my beautiful Jordans.

I had fun even though it was all muddy and wet. I will come back again with better preparation. Always a next time isn’t that right Jon?